Fair labour practices and a commitment to employee well-being

The manufacturer we trust to produce our activewear prioritises the well-being of their team in extraordinary ways.
Every employee receives a generous 13 months' salary per year, with a double payment once a month to support a well-deserved yearly vacation of up to 25 days.

But the care they provide goes far beyond financial compensation. Comprehensive free medical insurance is provided to all employees, covering not just them but also their spouses and up to three children. From doctor's fees to prescription medications and hospitalisation costs, the manufacturer ensures their people are well taken care of.

Nourishment is important for a happy and healthy team. That's why the manufacturer provides a fresh glass of juice, a hot cooked meal, and vitamin supplements every lunch break. And while they strive for a healthy work-life balance, optional overtime is available, paid at a rate of 1.5 to 3 times the hourly rate for those who choose it.

The work areas are all air-conditioned, maintaining working conditions comparable to any Western establishment.
By partnering with this manufacturer, we're supporting fair labour practices and a commitment to employee well-being that aligns with our own values.

Transforming the lives of mothers and children

Bali Street Mums, an incredible organisation dedicated to transforming the lives of mothers and children who would otherwise be forced to scavenge for survival on garbage dumps and through begging.
The work of Bali Street Mums is nothing short of life-changing. By providing safe houses where children can learn essential reading and writing skills before entering Indonesian schools, the team offer these young ones a chance at a future far beyond the desperation they were born into. The care they provide is holistic – free healthcare, toiletries, new clothing, and the security of a roof overhead.
By finding a manufacturer that does such amazing work, is an integral part of our commitment to ethical and responsible manufacturing practices.

    We set out to create a brand that aligns with our values and minimises waste.
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    We encourage sustainable fashion and a lasting legacy on the planet by promoting a healthy lifestyle and activewear that is guilt-free.
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    We release our lines in small
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